LNZ invests USD 15mln into construction of Summy elevator complex

LNZ invests USD 15mln into construction of Summy elevator complex

The warehouse is located in Bilopillia of Summy region

The elevator complex in Summy region is close to the launching stage absorbing USD 15mln of investment in total on the part of the owner LNZ Group, told Dmytro Kravchenko the head of supervisory board of the company. The elevator has a capacity to store 44 000 tons of grains at once. The company plans to further increase the capacity up to 77 000 tons in the future.

For the nest year, the company will set on restoring its budget into balance due to the investment made. At this, the company can increase its drying capacities at the seeds plant. LNZ will closely follow up the market situation due to the launching of a new plant by Monsanto in the part of influencing the corporate orders, told Dmytro Kravchenko.

To note, LNZ Group manages two elevator complexes in Summy and Kirovograd regions of Eastern Ukraine. The total projected capacity of which amounts to 170 000tons. Recently, LNZ Group made the announcement of its plans to invest USD 8mln into agricultural machinery.

LNZ Group is a modern diversified agro-industrial company that includes 33 agricultural companies in the Cherkasy and Sumy regions. The agricultural holding specializes in seed production, production of cereals, oilseeds, meat, and milk.

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