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Mevics startup from Odessa attracts USD 500 000

UBTower investment and consulting company decided to allocate USD 500 000 for a startup developed by students of Odessa National Polytechnic University

Mevics is a gadget enabling office workers or other people at confining jobs to improve posture awareness. The gadget detects back posture and synchronizes data with a smartphone. It can be fixed with a sticky tape or magnetically on clothing. The Mevics gadget starts to vibrate upon slouching. It helps to improve posture and train the back muscles.

The raised funds will be channeled into developing a design for mass production and marketing. At this, the team plans to engage more people, rent an office, and prepare for Kickstarter.

The developers of the gadget are three students of Odessa National Polytechnic University; they are Viktor Laushtan, Maksim Tribunskiy, and Vladislav Morzhanov. For the first time they presented the gadget for back spine posture awareness at IoT Hub in July 2016.

UBTower was registered in January 2016 in London. The company invests in entertainment, real estate and technology.

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