Radar Tech and MHP launch accelerator for agrarian innovations

Radar Tech and MHP launch accelerator for agrarian innovations

Poultry producer Myronivskiy Hliboproduct (MHP) and technological cluster Radar Tech, associated with the incumbent president’s daughter Yulia Poroshenko agreed to cooperate in innovations for ...

Yulia Poroshenko, a daughter of the incumbent president of Ukraine, made the announcement of the launching of the accelerator program for agrarian innovation during the final pitches show of the telecom accelerator 2.0 Radar Tech. To note, domestic telecommunications major Kyivstar was a partner of 2.0 Radar Tech.

The very idea of Radar Tech has been a creation of the technological cluster in order to hub the industrial accelerators of each kind under one roof, told Yulia Poroshenko. But now, the poultry major MHP and Radar Tech decided to launch a new accelerator for the agrarian innovations as a separate activity. The program believes that it has to prove that agriculture is a field for application of advanced technologies on equal terms with other industries despite negative prejudices, as the speaker put it. A good example are the countries like Israel, Norway, the Netherlands, or Island which managed to become leaders in food industry without available fertile land or appropriate weather conditions.

The application of high tech in Ukraine’s agriculture can well bring even more outstanding results. MHP, in particular, will facilitate the wider application of the developed technologies at the accelerator. MHP also expects that by providing its facilities for technologies it will help young professionals not to leave the country, told Ksenia Prigozhyna the HR of MHP.

To remind, AgTech Ukraine Association  has been providing help for agricultural startups for more than two years already.

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