Start your agtech project with Agro IT-Booster hackathon

Start your agtech project with Agro IT-Booster hackathon

IT Solution for agro business - new vector of the development of Ukraine

On the 18-20 of September, 2015 - 3-days long hackathon will take place in Ternopil, Ukraine, offering new and effective technical solutions for agricultural business.

Agro IT-Booster hackathon – is a unique event for all IT-specialists and developers of innovative solutions for agricultural sector. Being a single developer or a part of a team, marathon attendees (participants) will create new IT products and solve actual problems related to various areas of agriculture - plant growing, livestock, processing of raw materials, waste processing, and more.

Ukraine is one of the largest and leading agricultural products suppliers to the European and Asian markets. Active development of innovative technologies in the agricultural sector will improve public image of our country in the world. Ukrainian farmers as well as IT companies have a unique chance to create a brand of Ukraine, known not only as a supplier of high quality organic products but also as a supplier of effective IT solutions for the agricultural sector.

Agro IT-Booster hackathon attendees can offer their ready-made products and initiate the development of new ones. On the other hand, agro experts and farmers will share current problems of agricultural sector and announce future to-do tasks for IT-specialists.

Every hackathon member will find something interesting and useful for himself/herself.

Developers will get a chance to try their skills in mobile development, Big Data, behavioral research, gamification.

The following categories are covered:

  • Apps – desktop and mobile applications for effective information gathering, internal organization and behavioral change for ordinary workers, IT-tools for effective operational management
  • BigData – centralized information processing from various directions, minimizing access time to information, system scalability
  • Concept – making a conceptual schemes that offer unusual solutions for issues provided by experts and farmers

Farmers, middle-sized business or large agro holdings will gain new instruments for day-to-day problems related to information storage, its gathering and forwarding, logistics, analytics and much more. Business will be an accelerator for innovative solutions development in the agricultural sector. Effective tools for very specific problems will be offered instead of complex and expensive all-in-one solutions.

Agro IT-Booster hackathon is not only a chance to create startup worth attention, but also the possibility to find potential customer or investor among the farmers and agro holding representatives.

The team that wins in the contest will get 20 000 UAH prize for further product development.

Agro IT-Booster hackathon will bring together more than 200 IT-specialists from all over Ukraine, ready to share their experience and learn from each other.

The event will take place thanks to (organizers):

With the support of:

  • Ternopil City Administration
  • AgroProdService

More details: Oksana Semenyuk

Tel.: +38 097 11 44 272
E-mail: [email protected]  

Business contact: Alexey Oleinikov

Tel: +380 67 713 65 71
E-mail: [email protected]

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