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TAS-Agro mulls investments in 20 000 – 30 000ha of land

TAS Group is interested in development of its agro assets, told Sergey Tigipko

As of present, TAS-Agro has more than 86 000ha of land. The company grows four of crop species; these are sunflower, wheat, soy and corn. At this, the elevator capacities of the company amount to 250tons for storage of agricultural crops.

Sales of agricultural companies are the most widespread and active trend in M&A deals in Ukraine.  

The agro holding grows energetic willow and has poplar energy plantations over 1 850ha of land, told Sergey Tigipko. These are two strategic development areas for the company. For this purposes we are going to buy 20-30ha of land. If there is a promising land facility of the kind, we will gladly purchase it.

TAS Agro was founded by Kintas Limited in 2014. In the frames of the TAS Agro formation, ROagro company and agricultural Tagran were merged.

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