Ukraine needs investors for 200 waste disposal projects worth 4 billion euros

Ukraine needs investors for 200 waste disposal projects worth 4 billion euros

A number of priority projects have been identified in the Kyiv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Poltava and Odessa regions

As part of waste management reform, the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources has identified more than 200 waste management projects. According to the department’s estimates, their implementation requires 4 billion euros. The head of the Ministry of Environment Ruslan Strelets talks about this.

“We analyzed the problems of each region, studied the volume of waste generation and its composition, as well as the experience of European countries. As a result, we formed a plan for the location of new waste treatment plants in Ukraine,” he noted.
The plan includes several priority projects, including:

  • Kyiv region. The project involves the construction of two new waste treatment plants, which will collectively process 470,000 tons of waste per year. The service covers 1.5 million residents in three communities: Boryspil, Fastovskaya and Brovary. The cost of the project is 135 million euros, there is already an investor;
  • Ivano-Frankivsk region. The plans include five factories, processing more than 450,000 tons per year, solving waste problems for at least 1.4 million people. The approximate cost of the project is more than 155 million euros. Negotiations have begun with a potential investor;
  • Poltava region. Work on the creation of four plants with a capacity of up to 500 thousand tons annually. Processing must cover the entire region or at least 1.4 million people. The construction cost is 135 million euros, negotiations with a potential investor are ongoing;
  • Odessa region. We are talking about seven factories that will solve the waste problems of at least 2.3 million Ukrainians. The plants are planned to be built in Odessa, Belgorod-Dnestrovsky, Berezovsky, Podolsk, Bolgrad and Izmail regions.

Next in line are projects in Transcarpathia, Sumy and Kharkov regions.

“I am sure that the implementation of two or three pilot projects for the construction of waste processing infrastructure will no longer require us to look for investors, they themselves will express interest in working in Ukraine. At the legislative level, we already have all the conditions for this,” the minister concluded.

More than 10 million tons of waste are generated in Ukraine every year. The task of the Ministry of Natural Resources is to make landfilling of waste unprofitable, and recycling, on the contrary, brings income and investment, said Deputy Minister Victoria Kireeva. Therefore, the authorities are now developing a bill on a tax on waste disposal.

Also, a bill on container and packaging waste has been registered in the Verkhovna Rada.

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