Ukrainian-British HRtech JobCannon acquires Adsme

Ukrainian-British HRtech JobCannon acquires Adsme

Ukrainian-British HR tech startup JobCannon has acquired Adsme, a Ukrainian marketing company

Ukraine-founded recruitment tech startup JobCannon, which uses AI to simplify job searches, has announced its acquisition of Ukrainian marketing company Adsme that develops AI technology to create real-time forecasts for advertising on the Meta Ads platform (Facebook, Instagram). The amount of the deal is undisclosed. It is only known that the valuation of Adsme is up to $1 million, as Ukrainian Forbes informs.

Based in London, JobCanon was founded in 2022 by Ukrainians Peter Kolomiets, Alex Molodyk, and Andrii Cherednichenko. What makes JobCanon different from other HRtech startups is that it allows candidates to focus on their special abilities. This tactic separates JobCannon in the employment market by creating hiring procedures that are quicker and more effective. At this moment, they have a team of 51 specialists and close to 500 clients.

“The technological synergy of JobCannon and Adsme creates a powerful foundation for the global transformation of the recruitment market. Improving the AI component of JobCannon will increase the effectiveness of our products by making the candidate matching mechanism more accurate. The job tracking tool will significantly help attract new, most relevant customers with minimal costs, confirming that JobCannon is a reliable partner in the field of recruitment,” Andrii Cherednichenko, CMO and co-founder of JobCannon, said.

Adsme was also founded in 2022 by Viktor Levchenko and Danylo Orlov. The company’s technology aims at making the forecast of the budget of businesses for advertising more effective with the help of AI. As the company claims on its web page, Adsme builds technologies that help businesses understand how customers think.

"By merging Adsme's AI technological advancements with JobCannon, we aim to revolutionize traditional hiring algorithms and refine the overall business model. Our main goal is to become the primary resource that connects top candidates with the best companies," shared Viktor Levchenko, Adsme co-founder.

Incorporating Adsme's technology by JobCanon will boost the algorithm used to "match" recruiters and candidates. By working together, they hope to completely reimagine the employment market and establish fresh standards for creativity and quality in the hiring process.

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