Ukrainian Concepter start-up raised record-breaking $250 000 on Kickstarter

Ukrainian Concepter start-up raised record-breaking $250 000 on Kickstarter

Once again Ukrainian Concepter start-up refreshed its record on Kickstarter

iBlazr 2 team was able to attract $253 500 for its flashlight, which is  3,5 times more than announced $70 000. About 3,5 thous beckers decided to help the project.

The project raised the needed sum only in the 3 days period since the beginning of the Kickstarter. Vlad Tisenko, СЕО Concepter, told that the team hs already decided where to channel the money from the Kickstarter campaign. The main part of money will be channeled to the first lot manufacturing start-up. According to preliminary calculations, the team would be able to produce 4000 iBlazr 2 for their beckers, and also start-up is going to satisfy the primary demand on retailers` devices. Concepter team is glad, that their project raised such a big amount of money, but they are not going to stop, and will develop their product in the future.

New iBlazr allows synchronizing with smartphones, tablets, notebooks and other devices with the help of native apps of their cameras. Now even a standard photo camera can be combined with it. The positive moment is that this combination does not stipulate for any additional apps installation, as iBlazr 2 orks automatically.

It will be remembered that for the first product, LED-flashlight iBlazr, the team managed to raise on Kickstarter 2,5 times more than announced. At the time it was an absolute crowdfunding record in uanet. At the course of the next campaign, Tyslenkos tem raised $155 000 on their super Lunecase, which was also unexpected. Now,the third campaign of the Concepter start-up exceled two previous ones.

However Chinese competitors are also active and have already started to make reproduce copies of the Ukrainian gadget. CEO of the Concepter mentioned that other big companies, like Lenovo and Asus, started to produce similar devices.

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