Ukrainian startup for notaries OneNotary raises $5 million

Ukrainian startup for notaries OneNotary raises $5 million

OneNotary, a Ukrainian startup providing online notary services, has closed a $5 million Series A investment round led by Jackson Square Ventures. The startup has also started a partnership with ...

Ukrainian startup OneNotary, which helps American notaries certify documents online, announced the closing of a $5 million Series A round and the start of a partnership with DocuSign.

The funding round was led by Jackson Square Ventures with participation from DocuSign founder Tom Gonser. The Ukrainian VC funds, DocuSign Ventures, GoodPaper Ventures, Digital Future, and The LegalTech Fund also participated in the funding.

Valuation of OneNotary has increased to $20-25 million.

In 2022, the startup attracted $1.75 million from a number of Ukrainian and international funds. At that time, the average estimate of such a round ranged from $10-15 million.

As the company noted, the raised funds are planned to be used for marketing and sales, strengthening of partnership relations and further development of the OneNotary suite.

DocuSign and OneNotary have officially partnered to integrate OneNotary into DocuSign's line of notary solutions. The integration will launch early this summer.

Today, DocuSign products and solutions are used by more than 1 million customers and more than 1 billion users in more than 180 countries, in particular, to accelerate the process of doing business.

OneNotary products are used by tens of thousands of US notaries and clients.

We are proud that investors are showing their confidence in our business. Since its start in 2020, OneNotary has been developing rapidly, the product is used by tens of thousands of notaries and clients. In the last year, the company has doubled its revenue and its market of notaries across the country has grown to over 30,000,

Ivan Zinkov, co-founder and CEO of OneNotary, commented.

We consider OneNotary to be the star of our investment portfolio. Since our first investment in 2022, the project has strengthened its team with strong professionals. In addition, the strategic partnership with DocuSign opens up new horizons – this is a completely different level of development. Therefore, we continue to invest in OneNotary and believe in the success of this project,

Oleksiy Vitchenko, founder of Digital Future, commented.

OneNotary will use the fresh capital to accelerate marketing and sales, strengthen partnership relations, and for further product development to meet the demand for online verification services.

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