Business, as a gift to the beloved woman

Business, as a gift to the beloved woman

Despite of the great variety of affordable presents, usually wealthy people are struggling to by an exclusive, pleasant and useful gift to their women – wife, mother, daughter or a friend.

Business, as a gift to the beloved woman

Despite of the great variety of affordable presents, usually wealthy people are struggling to by an exclusive, pleasant and useful gift to their women – wife, mother, daughter or a female friend.

This question bothers lots of successful and smart men. Recent situation comes in mind. Negotiations with a client ended up with a quality chat over the most vital – women. Client, a successful man, was looking for different variants of how to surprise his wife. As St. Valentine’s and Women`s Day were in the near future, and he had no idea what to buy. The walk-in closet of his woman was full with a brand cloth, jewelry, accessories, cosmetics, a new Range Rover had been already in her garage and travelling and concerts were a rite of passage.

That`s why we can`t just ignore such an important subject, as presents to the women – wife, mother, daughter and a friend. So what present will make our darling women even happier?

A ready-made profitable business

According to the interests of our demanding and refined clients, InVenture Investment Group offers a new format of gifts – a ready-made business for your women.

There are more and more women among successful founders or directors of companies. Their success in business can be explained by their exact nature, as they are more emotional and careful, openhearted and willing to build a business on the personal relationships in the professional sphere. Apart from that, there are a lot of businesses, where women are approving themselves better than men. All beloved women are giving inspiration to us. And women, who show discrimination in business, motivate us to be billioners, be stronger and №1 for better for worse.

And in spite of this, a successful businessman asks himself a question, why should his beloved woman connect herself to business, as it would be better for her to devote her life to the family and creation of comfort in the home?  

Firstly, participation in the business gives woman an opportunity for self-actualization as an entrepreneur, realization of her own abilities, time management for solvation of important questions, which bring additional profit, and also an opportunity to implement her hobby in the business. Also, it is a great reason for bragging.

What kind of business will suit her?

The analysis of spheres of entrepreneurial business allows to distinguish the following areas, where women are succeeding and take enjoyment in business managing:

  • Restaurants, artcafe, cafe
  • Beauty salons, hairdressers parlors
  • Boutique hotels and recreation facilities
  • Specialized educational courses, foreign language courses, kindergartens
  • Dress-making and tailoring establishments
  • Baby-goods stores
  • Dishware production and distribution
  • Jewelry business
  • Flower boutiques
  • Medical establishments and animal clinics
  • Furniture store
  • Wedding saloons
  • Travel agencies
  • Fitness clubs, gums and sport centers
  • Magazines and publishing houses
  • PR agencies

Which aspects should you keep in mind while choosing a business for a gift?  

Selection of the business is an important decision, which depends on a lot of factors, beginning with woman`s interests and ending up with nuances of the separate business.  

1)      Entertainment sphere. Before choosing the business it is important to decide which sphere is suitable for a woman, which creative process or product will bring her emotional satisfaction. Business, which will be similar to her hobbies and interests, is going to be the perfect gift.  

2)      Business executive. Each business needs operational management, which means that you should pay attention to the professional and psychological qualities of the executive director, administrator. You also should consider the opportunity of keeping the founder of the business for equity participation, for him to coordinate the activity after executive staff changes.   

3)      Personnel. Organizational structure should be well-defined and correspond to all business processes; also business should have a few permanent workers.

4)      Business profitability.  Profitability of the business is the main goal of entrepreneurship, and if you want to keep it stable, you should learn the flows of revenue generating.

5)      Business reputation. Clients` loyalty to the offered services or products is a source of long-term money earning, that`s why the reputation valuation among the clients is a key moment.

6)      Juridical and financial due diligence. Withan aim of minimization of juridical and financial risks, You should pay attention also to the activity history of the company.  

Professional help while choosing the business for a gift

Choosing the business without someone`s helping you is really tiring job, as it includes search and selection of the business among a great variety of offers on the market of business selling, professional asset valuation and deal preparation.  

That`s  why InVenture Investment Group recommends You to place confidence in the professional business brokers while choosing the business. As a rule such companies already have hot and verified investment offers.  

Today we are offering you a great business for a gift, and it is a Top-ranking event agency of Ukraine

Location: Kyiv                                                  
Needed investments: $60 000
Type of investments: full repurchase of the business / repurchase of 50% (or other variants)
Payoff: 1,5-2 years
Investment attractiveness:
+ Top-ranking event agency of Ukraine - 14 years on the market of event services 
+ Large portfolio of huge corporate and regular clients 
+ Possibility of joint venture upon condition of transferring of operative managing to the new owner 
+ Monitoring and training of the owner on the entry to the business 
+ High payability of investment and profitable business 
+ Great growth potential by virtue of the branches development in Kazakhstan, Russia and Europe

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