Credit Dnepr Bank acquires PINbank

Credit Dnepr Bank acquires PINbank

The deal is still being reviewed by the AMCU

This became public from the message of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine. The committee said that by order of the state commissioner dated November 23, 2021, a case was initiated on the concentration in the form of the acquisition by the Credit Dnepr Bank JSC of shares of the First Investment Bank JSC, which ensures that 50 percent of the votes in the supreme governing body of the company are exceeded.

As a reminder, since the summer of 2020, Credit Dnepr Bank has been owned by the founder and beneficiary of the DCH group, businessman Alexander Yaroslavsky. He bought 100% of shares in the authorized capital of the bank from Victor Pinchuk's Brancroft Enterprises Limited.

The majority shareholder of PINbank, in turn, is a Russian businessman, president of the CSKA football club Evgeny Giner. As of the summer of 2021, he owned 88.89% of the shares in PINbank. Giner is one of the co-owners of the VS Energy group, which has assets in Ukraine in the hotel, metallurgical, agricultural and financial businesses.

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