DELTA Ukraine to invest $ 500,000 in Promprylad. Renovation innovation center

DELTA Ukraine to invest $ 500,000 in Promprylad. Renovation innovation center

DELTA Ukraine has officially become one of the largest investors in the Promprylad. Renovation innovation center with an investment of $ 500,000 until the end of the project

"Our investment in Promprylad. Renovation is not just a strategic decision, but also a belief in the power of transforming industrial real estate into a space for work and life. We at DELTA believe in the concept of Urban Mining, which is ideal for the Promprylad project," the partner of DELTA Group, the Managing Director of DELTA Holding GmbH and DELTA Ukraine, Wolfgang Gomernik, said.

Back in November last year, DELTA Ukraine and Promprylad. Renovation announced a strategic partnership and jointly developed a model of long-term cooperation until the end of 2023. DELTA Ukraine has been leading the construction process of the innovation center for more than six months. One building already operates on the territory of Promprylad, where events, meetings and other activities are held.

"It has always been important for us to build long-term partnerships. When we first met DELTA Ukraine, we immediately saw a complete coincidence in values and principles of work. We really appreciate the high professionalism of the DELTA team. We are very pleased with this partnership and are confident in long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with a positive result both for each of the companies and for the society as a whole," CEO of Promprylad. Renovation Yuriy Filiuk said.

The mission and main area of responsibility of DELTA Ukraine in the Promprylad. Renovation project is, first of all, the management of the construction process from design to commissioning of buildings in accordance with the latest international green building standards.

"Now the project is at the design and preparatory stage. By the end of 2021 we plan to commission the first stage of construction," Volodymyr Dukhanin, the DELTA Ukraine project manager, noted.

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