DMarket attracts USD 25mln during ICO

DMarket attracts USD 25mln during ICO

It has become the largest Ukrainian placement

Blockchain marketplace for in-game items DMarket conducted ICO in two phases attracting USD 25mln cumulatively. The first phase of the ICO brought USD 11.5mln for the startup in August this year. In November, DMarket closed the second round of ICO.

In the frames of the ICO, the project sold 36% of tokens that is 49mln out of 136mln offering. DMarket generates same amount of tokens being sold, told Volodymyr Panchenko a co-founder of the project. The co-founder attributes a low level of 36% rate of deals upon the offering, due to coincidence that the active phase of ICO occurred when the market was hitting bottom. The factor of influence then was introduction of Segwit2x fork and loses in ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrency denominated wallets.  Nevertheless, Ukrainian marketplace attracted more than other projects at crowdsales during those weeks.

The ICO was not a crucial factor for the platform operations, but it will definitely contribute to the faster launching of it. DMarket is a global market place for in-game items. The founders are Alexander Kakhanovskiy and Vladimir Panchenko. Alexander is a member of the executive board of Ukrainian cybersports club Na’Vi and Vladimir is a founder of platform for virtual items sales.

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