EBRD invested 11 mln euro in further construction of WPS in Lvov district

EBRD invested 11 mln euro in further construction of WPS in Lvov district

EBRD invested in 2nd stage of construction of “Stariy Sambor-1” wind power station

EBRD invested 11 mln euro in 2nd stage of construction of “Stariy Sambor-1”  wind power station in Lvov district.

WPS shareholders - “Eco-Optima” company is planning to launch and accelerate 2 wind generators in the first quarter of 2016. Total capacity of WPS will be equal to 13,2 MW.

This company will become the second largest project of USELF.  

“”Eco-optima” company was the first USELF project in Ukraine and overgrew into the biggest “green” generation manufacturer in the Western Ukraine” - tells the senior manager of EE department Sergey Maslichenko.

On the construction stage EBRD provided company with 9,5 mln euro for a period of 10 years, and Clean technologies fund gave 3,8 mln euro for 15 years. For the building of the second, “Eco-optima” raised 11 mln euro from EBRD. According to the agreements with EBRD, the company should of have finished the second stage of “Stariy Sambor-1” till the end of 2015, however the acceleration is going to be performed only in the first quarter of 2016. Representatives of the company and EBRD explain that turbines for WPS are needed to be ordered 6 month earlier. But, because of the questionable situation with tariffs for RES in Febuary-March of 2015, when among the offers was announced a 50% decrease of “green” tariff, members of credit committee kept a low profile. According to Maslichenko, as soon as the situation was cleared up, the money was given to the company.

Wind mills will be equipped with Vestas 112 turbines. The similar model is used on two wind mills of the first stage of “Stariy Sambor-1”, capacity of which in total gives 6,6 MW.

After the acceleration of the second stage, on WPS “Stariy Sambor-1” wil be able to produce the project capacity of 13,2 MW. “Eco-optima” plans to construct one more WPS in the western part of Stariy Sambor city – “Stariy Sambor-2” with the capacity of 19,8 MW. The project provides installation of 6 wind generators, capacity of each is equal to 3,3 MW.

According to Maslichenko, EBRD is planning to participate in construction of “Stariy Sambor-2”. Currently in the muntines is performed an environmental analysis. After that the company will model the relief and wind characteristics, which will determine the place for wind mills installation.

The founder of “Eco-Optima” is a businessman Zinoviy Kozitskiy – owner of “Gorizonty” group. “Gorizonty” is the biggest private gas-producing company in Western Ukraine, exploiters 4 sites in Lvov and Ivano-Frankivsk regions. Monthly natural gas production is more than 3 mln m3. On 24th of July the group bought a special permit for 3 oil and gas sectors for 21 mln UAH.

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