FavBet owner Andrey Matyukha bought the VODA UA brand

FavBet owner Andrey Matyukha bought the VODA UA brand

The agreement was signed in October 2023

According to the Opendatabot website, in October 2023, the rights to the well-known VODA UA trademark were completely transferred from the previous owner Dmitry Nikiforov to the Ukrainian entrepreneur, owner of FavBet Andrey Matyukha.

The company's Facebook page says: "This legal change will not affect the products in any way, but will only make them better. VODA UA production continues to operate uninterruptedly to provide you, our dear consumers, with the best water. We will continue to be your only official supplier of products VODA UA".

Andrei Matyukha, in turn, noted that now our country needs investments, and the company is ready to invest in it today, without waiting for the end of the war.

Andrey Matyukha is a Ukrainian entrepreneur, founder of the FavBet group of companies, president of the FavBet Foundation. FavBet is a brand that unites all segments of the gambling business in Ukraine: online casinos and betting, land-based casinos and a network of slot machine halls.

VODA UA, "Carpathian High-Mountain Spring" and "Goryanka" are brands of table and medicinal waters produced in several mountain water intakes and springs in the clean regions of the Carpathians.

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