Glovo plans to create the first bicycle parking in Ukraine for UAH 5 million

Glovo plans to create the first bicycle parking in Ukraine for UAH 5 million

Glovo and Kyiv City Council has already signed a Memorandum of Cooperation

Memorandum of Cooperation between Glovo and Kyiv City Council provides the pooling of efforts and resources in the restoration and development of Kyiv city, the support of socially vulnerable segments of the population, and the development of the city's infrastructure.

Glovo Acts, the largest project in the city of Kyiv within the framework of the long-term sustainable development program for cities will be the creation of the first transfer hub for bicycles in Ukraine. Glovo allocates five million hryvnias for its construction. The transfer hub means that Kyiv residents will have the opportunity to leave their bicycles in a guarded public parking lot near the subway on the way to work for the whole day and pick them up when they return home.

The bicycle parking lot is to be built at the intersection of Obolonsky Avenue and Stepan Bandera Avenue near the metro station "Pochayna" in the Obolon district. This place was chosen due to the presence of cycle lanes and the possibility of reaching it safely by bicycle in accordance with the Road Traffic Rules. The decision was made jointly with the Department of Transport Infrastructure of the KMDA and the NGO "Association of Cyclists of Kyiv" – U-Cycle.

"This is not the first project we are doing with city administrations, but the largest. We know how much Glovo has changed the city's transport infrastructure. Considering the specifics of our company, it is important for us that the city's bicycle structure develops. This project resonates a lot with our business, and we hope that it will become one of many that will improve life in the city," commented Maryna Pavlyuk, CEO of Glovo in Ukraine.

In the summer of 2022, Glovo also signed Memorandums with the city administrations of Lviv, Stryi, and Chernihiv. Among these cities, the largest investments were made in Chernihiv, which was seriously affected by the hostilities.

In the direction of social deliveries, the Glovo company has already started a pilot project in the Darnytsia district in cooperation with the Darnytsia Center for Social Protection.

"Social workers have already called our couriers to carry out social deliveries. We realized that this project is needed, so it will work on a permanent basis in the Darnytskyi district and will also be scaled to other areas," said Maryna Pavlyuk.

The third direction, which has already begun to work, is the support of businesses affected by the war, internally displaced businesses, and those founded by the military. Glovo gives them a symbolic 0.1% commission for half a year so that they can gain a customer base and grow, even in difficult times.

"Most of the entrepreneurs we work with are SMEs. It is an honor for us to support them during the war, so we give them favorable conditions for an easy start," commented Marina Pavlyuk.

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