Howard Buffett urged to invest in agriculture now, without waiting for victory

Howard Buffett urged to invest in agriculture now, without waiting for victory

This opinion was shared by an American philanthropist, head of The Howard G. Buffett Foundation Howard Buffett, who actively helps Ukraine

“I wouldn't expect to win. In fact, agriculture is one of those areas in which you can invest now in Ukraine. True, not in all directions and not everywhere. You know that we have been working on this: we have built several facilities for transshipment of grain. One on the border with Romania, the other on the border with Poland. I think the people we have worked with are very dedicated to what they do. But many people think that we should wait until the war is over. And we can't wait," said Howard Buffett.

The philanthropist believes that it is necessary to invest now for several reasons. One of them is that Ukraine needs infrastructure facilities. If the "grain agreement" continues to have problems, then Ukraine will need other ways to export grain. Therefore, facilities that will facilitate the movement of grain can be invested now.

“Irrigation investment should also be considered. Because of the war, we cannot involve our companies in the irrigation sector. And I'm trying to explain to investors that there are fairly safe directions. It's not 100%, but still nothing is 100%. I see that people's resistance is more psychological than practical. So we often insist, but it's still hard,” added Howard Buffett.



Why Howard Buffett focuses on the agricultural sector of Ukraine. This can be explained by his following quote: “Actually, I do much more than help agriculture. But one of the reasons why we have focused on the agricultural industry is that I have been doing this for the last 40 years. In addition, I believe that agriculture is the fastest way to restore Ukraine’s GDP, it is a critical industry, demining also intersects with the agricultural sector, but this is a charitable activity that we will position as an investment as much as possible.

Recall that the charitable foundation of the son of American billionaire Warren Buffett provides grants for demining, prosthetics, agriculture, police, and school meals. It is also known that Ukraine's first clinic for "war injuries" Superhumans Center received $16.3 million from the Howard Buffett Foundation.

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