Industrial group acquires the biggest milk holding of the country – Ukrainian milk  company

Industrial group acquires the biggest milk holding of the country – Ukrainian milk company

“Industrial group” consortium purchases the controlling stake in one of the biggest milk holdings of the country – Ukrainian milk company.

In August, the ant-monopoly committee allowed t “Industrial group consortium, which manages the assets of ex-owner of Donetsk city “Industryalnuy soyuz Donbasa” corporation, owned by Vitaliy Gayduk, to buy more than 50% of Tibbetts Holdings Limited. Through this structure, the buyer will be able to execute the mediate control over Ukrainian Milk Company, which was established by Eduard Prutnik.

“Industrial Group” was found in 2004 and had a specialization in management of non-metallurgical assets of co-owners of the “Industryalnuy soyuz Donbasa” corporation – Vitaliy Gayduk, Sergey Taruta and Oleg Mkrtchana. In 2009 partners decided to go separate ways, Gayduk eft the ownership of ISD, and recently they had accomplished the assets exchange, and as a result “Industrial Group” was placed under the personal control of the former secretary of Security Council. Currently, the beneficiary of the company is Elena Gayduk.

Ukrainian milk company, which currently maintains under the ownership of Gayduk family, was estublished in 2006 and has a land bank of 14 thous ha. The main treasure of the UMC is farm with 8 thous cows, which is located in Zgurovsk region of Kyiv Oblast. According to Oleg Rubtsov, the company is one of the biggest manufacturers of milk in the country. List of the clients of the milk company includes such structures, as “Galuchuna”, and “Dano0Unimilk”. The revenue of UMC for 2013 was $15 mln and profit - %7,5 mln.

As early as 2012, Gayduk family purchased 25% of this company. Earlier Elena Gayduk acquired 10,63% of Namakwa Diamonds` shares. Shares of this company, which ware registered on Bermuda are quoted on the London stockmarket. “Prutnik and Gayduk have known each other for ages” – said earlier one of the Prutnik`s top-managers in Ukraine about  their partnership .

In 2013 Eduard Prutnik decided to leave the capital of UMC. “Invested, developed, sold – thi is the definition of the business” – he said in the interview. UMC`s investment amount has reached $80 mln this year. Infrastructure was built from nothing. “We use only import agricultural equipment and have already build three bioreactors”, - he declared. According to the estimation of analysts, the market value of the company is 6-8 EBITDA, namely $45-60 mln.

But Eduard didn`t manage to find the strategic investor for his asset. It is not improbable that Prutnik gave his controlling share to Gayduk, because of his debts, as Gayduk invested for both of them for the last couple of years. Probably, Gayduk`s family won`t be selling the asset soon, as they have an experience in cattle breeding. Eena Gayduk, for a lon period of time was a co-owner of one of the biggest pig-breading assets in Ukraine – “Bahmutskiy agrarniy soyuz” enterprise in Donetsk oblast.

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