InSoft.Partners invested in Odessa IT company Digis

InSoft.Partners invested in Odessa IT company Digis

The transaction amount and other details are not disclosed

The InSoft.Partners holding announced a new investment - the Digis company. It is known that we are not talking about a controlling stake.

Software developer Digis was founded in 2015 by Nikita Nagatkin. The company employs about 200 employees.

Clients are mainly located in the USA and Europe. Clients include: Hubspot, BlaBlaCar, Rockwell Trading, Wetal.

Vitaly Gorovoy, InSoft.Partners: “We have known Nikita somewhere else, perhaps since 2017. He then just recently launched Digis. We have communicated quite actively all these years, exchanged experiences, helped each other in various matters. And when they felt that it made sense to switch to a partnership format, they did it. On the part of InSoft, we will try to add our accumulated experience in the transformation and development of companies to the existing successful current business structure of Digis.”

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