Metinvest invested in representative sales office in Poland

Metinvest invested in representative sales office in Poland

Metinvest Group established a representative sales office in Poland – Metinvest Polska. This office will be focused on strengthening cooperation with Metinvest’s steel product customers in the ...

Europe is among Metinvest Group’s priority markets, accounting for about 4.4 million tons or 34% of the company’s steel product sales. Poland is Metinvest’s second biggest buyer in Europe, behind Italy. Poland’s growing economy is consuming 12.2 million tons of steel per annum and apparent steel use per capita grew by 17% y-o-y in 2014 alone. The country is heavily engaged in regional trade, importing up to 70% of consumed steel and exporting half of the steel it produces.

Metinvest is a leading and reliable supplier of flat and long steel products, sections and raw materials. It has cooperated extensively with Polish consumers in the construction, machine building and pipe production sectors. The local representative office will further develop trade connections with clients. Now they will have a unified operating channel in Katowice, the center of Poland’s steel industry. Metinvest’s consumers will be able to place “package” orders of various types of metallurgical products produced at the company’s assets in different regions of the world.

Metinvest Group has 20 representative offices and warehouses in Europe, including in Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Romania, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Metinvest has trade entities in all key regions of the world and more than 6,500 customers, including 1,700 within Europe.

Metinvest Group’s metallurgical plants are located in Ukraine and Europe. In Europe, Promet Steel has a capacity of 500,000 tons per year in Bulgaria, Metinvest Trametal and Ferriera Valsider have a total combined capacity of 1.2 million tons per year in Italy, and Spartan UK has a capacity of 200,000 tons per year in the United Kingdom.

Vladimir Zadolinnyy, Metinvest Polska’s General Director:

“We have strong connections with our Polish customers in key steel consuming industries. The opening of the local representative office is an evolutionary step for us, which will allow for faster and more efficient service to our clients. The new trade entity will ensure clients have direct access to uninterrupted supplies of Metinvest’s entire product range, technical and commercial support, and effective supply chain solutions.”

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