MHP acquired control over the meat producer Lubnymyaso

MHP acquired control over the meat producer Lubnymyaso

This deal with MHP might provide the Ukrainian beef producer Lubnymyaso a significant grow perspective


According to the information from the London Stock Exchange, the agroindustrial holding MHP acquired 51% of the shares of the Ukrainian beef producer Lubnymyaso.

The message indicates that as of the date of acquisition, the net assets of the acquired plant of the Lubnymyaso company amounted to $1.53 million.

It is noted that the Goodwill in the amount of $ 788 000 is associated with the expectation that this acquisition will contribute to the strategic transformation of MHP into a culinary company by launching additional products.

In addition, the Lubnymyaso company produces beef products under the Skott Smeat brand.

The Lubnymyaso company was founded in 2012 by Andrey Naumenko, a former manager for foreign economic relations of MHP. The company’s plant can produce 25 tons of meat products per day.

It is noted that the company supplied beef to Meat markets and Doner Market. According to Andrey Naumenko, the deal will give Lubnymyaso more opportunities for growth. At the same time, after the purchase, he remained the director of the enterprise.

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