MHP to buy several other plants in Europe

MHP to buy several other plants in Europe

Yuriy Kosiuk, head of MHP, made the announcement at the press conference

The largest poultry producer MHP continues to look for the production assets in Europe, and not only in Poland. In particular, MHP carries talks with the representatives of the production plants in France, Germany, and England.

MHP will not focus only on European markets only but it will put efforts in diversification of export destinations. The company is interested in the markets of Africa, the Near East, and Asia. China, in particular, can soon allow imports of not only chicken legs but also other parts of chicken.

MHP has recently acquired its third plant in Europe. The company is actively developing production of meat semi-finished products for the European market. In 2017, the company established a chicken meat processing plant in Slovakia in co-operation with a European distribution company.

MHP specializes in the production of cereals, sunflower oil, and chicken meat products.

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