Mykolaiv Sea Port raised $450 mln investments over the past 7 years

Mykolaiv Sea Port raised $450 mln investments over the past 7 years

Mykolaiv Sea Port (MSP) continues to implement a list of huge investment projects against the background of economic crisis in Ukraine

The MSP raised $450 mln investments over the past 7 years.

Recently there was a press-tour in the port, during which directorship shared the information about the accomplishments of MSP.

Honorary president of MSP, Vasiliy Kapatsyna noted that two thirds of Mykolaiv economy consists of enterprises of marine complex, and port became a big building site.

Because of the American and Chinese investments this is just the place, where the biggest projects in the country are put into life. These investors are not terrified by the problems in Ukraine, as they are ready to invest their money, if all the necessary conditions are going to be created.

Leading global corn trader, “Bunge” company has also launched its project on the MSP. The project involves the creation of a cluster, which allows combining the productive and overload capacities on the one territory.

On the first stage of implementation of the selected investment project there was performed a construction of mechanical and automatized grain terminal in 2009-2010. The terminal is designed for storage of 120 t of grains. During 2014-2015 the terminal transferred 0,12 mln t more product, than was calculated for designed capacity.

The second stage implies the construction of soybean and sunflower oil production plant. The construction works are performed by “Ukrbud”. The capacity of a new plant will reach 2,4 t of raw materials per day, which is going to make it the biggest one in the country.

“Bunge” company has already invested $100 mln in the corn terminal, and construction of the plant requires investments of additional $170 mln. Because of these investments Mykolaiv will get 180 workplaces.

Apart from that, “Ukrbud” is constructing the other corn terminal, by virtue of “Noble agri” company`s investments. The terminal is designed for storage of 140 t of grain, and annual volume of transshipments will be equal to 3 mln t.

Vasiliy Kapatsyna adds, that Mykolaiv step by step returns its status of the biggest bread harbor of the country. It definitely took a lot of work. Firstly, there was conducted a port commercialization. Not only foreign investors are attracted by reforming of private cooperation. “Every” company with Mykolaiv capital constructed a bulk terminal for seed oil and molasses, having invested $70 mln in the project.  

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