Nestlé is building a new $45 million new pasta factory in Ukraine, Volyn region

Nestlé is building a new $45 million new pasta factory in Ukraine, Volyn region

The Swiss conglomerate Nestlé has started constructing a new pasta factory in the village of Smoligov, Volyn region

Nestlé announced its intentions to build a new plant at the end of 2022.

Marco Settembri, Executive Vice President and CEO of Nestlé in the European region, came to Ukraine to start the project implementation. Together with Alessandro Zanelli, CEO of Nestlé in Ukraine and Southeast Europe, they signed a certificate indicating the start of construction of the plant.

New factory in Smoligov of the Torchinsky territorial community will be built next to the Nestlé distribution center, which has been operating for more than 10 years. The launch of the plant and the start of production is scheduled for the 1st quarter of 2024.

Nestlé begins construction of new $45 million vermicelli factory.

Together with the factory in Torchin, the production network in Volyn will become the company's European regional hub for the culinary products category, employing 1,500 people who will ensure the supply of products to the Ukrainian market and other European markets.

“From the very beginning, about 300 people will already work at the new production facility, which will ensure the further development of the local community. Ukraine will remain the only European center for the production of instant vermicelli for Nestlé, and the production hub in Volyn, which will certainly play a huge role in exporting this segment to European countries,” Zanelli said.

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