Ukrainian-Polish initiative PURE Hub to attract EUR 900 mln investments to Ukrainian real estate market

Ukrainian-Polish initiative PURE Hub to attract EUR 900 mln investments to Ukrainian real estate market

The Ukrainian-Polish initiative PURE Hub has begun its work, aimed at restoring Ukraine, promoting investment in the Ukrainian construction market and supporting Ukrainian investors in Poland

The co-founders of PURE Hub were Ukrainian Serhiy Stoliarchuk and Poles Iwona Puchalska and Daniel Puchalski.

The hub cooperates with investors from all over Europe, as well as with Ukrainian and Polish development and construction companies. The total portfolio of Polish projects developed by the hub participants amounts to EUR 500 million, and the portfolio of projects of Ukrainian development companies totals about 1 million square meters with a total cost of EUR 900 million.

The hub said that despite the ongoing hostilities in Ukraine, investment activity is growing in such sectors of the Ukrainian economy as agriculture, food production, IT, logistics, and production of building materials. In particular, Philip Morris, Carlsberg and others are investing in western Ukraine. Irish building materials manufacturer Kingspan wants to invest up to $280 million to build new factories. Also, the Polish manufacturer of ceramic tiles Cersanit continues to build its plant in Ukraine.

Recently, the German government decided to provide guarantees for investments in Ukraine, after which the German pharmaceutical and agro-industrial giant Bayer announced plans to invest EUR 60 million in Ukraine. These guarantees can be applied even in the event of destruction of property due to missile attacks or other military actions at German production facilities objects in Ukraine.

"Rebuilding infrastructure, demand for housing, and facilities for transport and logistics will drive the second wave of investment. This is happening soon. Those who take appropriate and responsible actions now will be ahead of those who wait for the end of the war," PURE Hub co-founder Daniel Puchalski said.

PURE Hub's activities are focused on providing professional advice, assistance in coordinating the specific needs of participants with representatives of business and government agencies of both countries, support of agreements, legal advice, searching for capital, creating joint ventures and organizing social projects in the real estate sector.

"We are working on a project to launch multi-factory prefabricated construction to deliver up to 1,900 social housing units per facility annually," Serhiy Stoliarchuk, co-founder of PURE Hub, said.

He said to the agency that at this stage the issues of insurance for the construction of the plant are being resolved, both the number of factories and their location will depend on this.

"We are now considering construction options in both Ukraine and Poland. The amount of investment in one factory is $60 million. Our goal is to promote and co-organize projects that contribute to building the economic foundations of a new modern Ukraine and its cooperation with Poland. Ukraine needs investments to create new jobs and build new, secure infrastructure, but it needs high business competencies even more to accelerate integration with EU countries and the democratic part of the world," he added.

Daniel Puchalski, who manages PURE Hub's activities in Poland, is also the managing partner of real estate consultancy Immo Lab. Over the past 20 years, he has been involved in $4 billion in commercial real estate transactions.

Stoliarchuk is an entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience in launching international projects in retail, logistics and real estate in Ukraine, and is also the CEO and co-founder of Maxify, a SaaS platform for residential real estate developers with assets in a portfolio of more than EUR 600 million.

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