Pharmaceutical Interkhim invests EUR 9mln in API production

Pharmaceutical Interkhim invests EUR 9mln in API production

The Odessa based pharmaceutical company launched a new active pharmaceutical ingredients production

Pharmaceutical Interkhim finished its EUR 50mln investment program by launching a new API production facility worth EUR 9mln, told Anatoliy Redera the CEO of the company. The program had been implementing since 2012.

Interkhim does not expect some swift payback period but rather strengthens its market position in this way in Ukraine. The API production will supply ingredients for the company needs mainly and only 15% of the produce will be set on sale.

Interkhim gets business inquiries for API from abroad , and the company's top managers are studying the export potential at the moment. 

The newly mounted equipment ensures implementation of environmental related standards and meeting the necessary requirements by excluding possibility of environmental exposure completely. At this, the equipment produces finely micronized APIs and small batches of medicines too.

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