President Poroshenko

President Poroshenko's Daughter-In-Law Yulia Poroshenko Registers "Agrohub" TM

The wife of President Poroshenko's eldest son Oleksii Poroshenko, Yulia Poroshenko, has registered a trade mark for agriculture co-working - agrohub

This information indicated in the data of the Ukrainian Institute of the Intellectual Property.

The "Agrohub" TM was registered on December 26, 2016.

According to the data, the trade mark "Agrohub" can be used for various kinds of activities, including education, entertainment, organization of exhibitions, creation of movies and radio programs.

Yulia Poroshenko would say in her comments to the Ukrainian outlet New Time that two things were required to convince specialists work in Ukraine and for Ukraine - investment and environment; money and art space.

She also noted possibility of creation of a technological coworking on the territory of the culture-entertainment center National Economy Achievement Exhibition in Kyiv.

It should be also noted that in Ukraine successfully operates AgTech Ukraine platform with a focus on developing agtech sector in Ukraine.

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