State-owned Ukreximbank bought Cherkasy plant Bogdan for UAH 51 million

State-owned Ukreximbank bought Cherkasy plant Bogdan for UAH 51 million

One of the newest Ukrainian automotive companies was put up for sale four times. What further prospects for the development of the plant are unknown, perhaps they will reorient to "military rails"

Auto assembly plant No. 2 in Cherkassy, which previously belonged to the Bogdan Motors corporation, after the latter's bankruptcy was bought out by the state represented by Ukreximbank.

The production workshops of the enterprise were sold at auction only on the fourth attempt. With a starting price of 45 million UAH. the state-owned Ukreximbank offered UAH 51 million. The current auction was also attended by Kiev-based Flyhead LLC, which specializes in wholesale trade.

Bogdan Motors Corporation was declared bankrupt in July 2021. Then the court opened the liquidation procedure, approving the register of creditors of Bogdan Motors for a total of UAH 6.7 billion. Ukreximbank's claims for UAH 1.64 billion (including UAH 748.03 million secured by mortgages, UAH 894.14 million - the fourth stage, UAH 164.73 million - the sixth stage) were entered into the register, among other things. Shortly thereafter, the production workshops of enterprises in Cherkasy and Lutsk were put up for sale.

Cherkasy car assembly plant No. 2 was opened in 2008 and initially produced VAZ cars, as well as Hyundai Elantra, Tucson and Accent. After 2014, the production of passenger cars was curtailed, but the assembly of equipment for the Armed Forces of Ukraine was established. In particular, Bogdan-63172 6X6 all-wheel drive trucks (modified MAZ-6317) and ambulances based on the Chinese Great Wall Wingle 5 pickup truck entered production.

PJSC Automotive Company Bogdan Motors is part of the Bogdan Corporation, owned by the former Deputy Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Oleg Gladkovsky (until 2014 - Svinarchuk). His partner in this company was previously the fifth president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko. In 2009, Petro Poroshenko sold a majority stake in the company to his partner Oleg Svinarchuk, who, after the acquisition, additionally borrowed $ 100 million from Poroshenko to develop his business, but as a result of the crisis, demand for buses fell and Svinarchuk had to give Poroshenko his shares in the Roshen confectionery corporation on account of his debt. and other businesses.

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