The map of investment opportunities of Ukraine is already available to investors

The map of investment opportunities of Ukraine is already available to investors

The European Business Association, Global Business for Ukraine and Ukraine Invest launched the Map of Investment and Business Opportunities of Ukraine

To find and attract new investments, the European Business Association, Global Business for Ukraine, and Ukraine Invest have launched a Map of investment and business opportunities in Ukraine.

This interactive tool will help potential investors learn about available investment opportunities in different regions of Ukraine, get details on their characteristics, and submit an application if they are interested. Besides, the map contains information about each region of Ukraine – size, population, taxation, educational institutions, natural resources, developed industries, etc.

The map provides the possibility to sort the projects by region or industry. Each project description contains information about its initiator, status, location, investment opportunity, the amount of necessary funding, and details on goals and timelines. Currently, there are 81 projects on the Map covering 14 industries: agriculture, construction, transport and logistics, processing, food, fuel, light/heavy industry, tourism, education/development, mining, waste management, healthcare, administrative and support services.

Last year, the EBA also launched its extraterritorial unit – Global Business for Ukraine – to share information with global companies on the situation and business sentiment, help them find partners and stakeholders in Ukraine among businesses operating in the country, and support potential investors who have shown interest and started the study of investment options and offers existing on the market.

Please note that for greater convenience, we recommend using the map on a laptop, where the entire map is displayed with clickable regions, as the mobile version displays each region separately.

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