The owners of Nova Poshta acquired the iPOST courier service

The owners of Nova Poshta acquired the iPOST courier service

Vyacheslav Klimov and Vladimir Popereshnyuk bought a total of 81.46% in iPost Progress, which owns the iPOST service

The deal was closed in 2020 through “Closed Non-Diversified Venture Investment Fund Pride” PJSC. The amount of the deal was not disclosed. According to Vitaliy Yanitsky, the founder of PGK Groupe (sold to Meest Group), iPOST technologies cost about $500,000.

After the closing of the deal, the founders of iPOST, Sergey Zhmud and Maxim Plyushchev, remained co-owners of the company. They own 9.27% ​​each in iPost Progress.

Capital Times acted as financial advisor to the deal.

The Ukrainian startup iPOST was launched in 2016 by Maxim Plyushchev and Sergey Zhmud. iPOST is an online platform that connects couriers and senders. Couriers register in the iPOST application, where they find orders and deliver them for payment. iPOST charges a commission on each delivery. Delivery takes from 30 to 120 minutes, and the minimum cost is 50 UAH. The sender and recipient can follow the movements of the courier online in the application.

The Nova Poshta company stated that they keep abreast of global trends and new technologies, therefore they invest in speed and talents, and iPOST sees it that way. The Nova Poshta company added that together with iPost they attracted large clients: ATB, Fozzy, etc.

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