TMT Investments invests $300,000 in US-Ukrainian cloud computing startup

TMT Investments invests $300,000 in US-Ukrainian cloud computing startup

TMT Investments announced a $300,000 capital injection in Sixa

TMT Investments announced a $300,000 capital injection in Sixa, a San Francisco-based company founded last year by Ukrainian entrepreneurs Mykola Minchenko and Ievgen Nechaiev. 

Sixa has developed a “personal computer in the cloud” intended for developers, designers and gamers, “capable of running the most demanding applications.”

In other words, Sixa stores your entire computer in the cloud, allowing you to access your software and applications from anywhere — and without requiring any hardware upgrades.

“In order to build on real hardware, large project developers will spend around 10 minutes [setting up their computer]. On the Sixa computer, developers will have the same build be done in around a minute. For every seven builds, we will save an hour of a developer’s time, with one hour costing between $40 to $90 for freelancers,” Minchenko

Sixa took part in the acceleration programs of Startupbootcamp in Istambul last year and Y Combinator in California earlier this year, securing $140,000 and $120,000, respectively, from these startup accelerators.

Founded by Russian businessmen and listed on the London stock exchange, TMT Investments has invested in dozens of startups with a focus on Eastern Europe and the USA. Recently, the fund took part in funding rounds for Depositphotos and Attendify, two US startups with Ukrainian roots.

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