Tomas Fiala, CEO at Dragon Capital to buy online media Ukrainska Pravda

Tomas Fiala, CEO at Dragon Capital to buy online media Ukrainska Pravda

Well-known investor Tomas Fiala, CEO of Dragon Capital investment company, buys Ukrainska Pravda (UP), a popular Ukrainian social and political online media.

After the acquisition of the Ukrainian Pravda newspaper by Dragon Capital, the entire team will continue to work in the media and the editorial policy of it will remain the same.

The general director of the investment company Dragon Capital Tomas Fiala buys the popular Ukrainian media “Ukrainska pravda”, which is part of the holding with the same name.

Holding "Ukrainska Pravda" also unites several subsidiary publications: "Economichna Pravda", "Evropeyska Pravda" and others.

The CEO of the UP and the owner of the media, Alena Pritula, has sold 100% of the corporate rights, but will continue to work at the UP like the rest of the team. Sevgil Musaeva will remain the editor-in-chief of the media.

Sevgil Musayeva said that "Ukrainska Pravda" began to make a profit only after 5 years of existence - since 2005. The publication's profit was achieved through savings - including on the salaries of journalists. Only in 2021, after the acquisition of Dragon Capital, the publication finally opened a personnel department. According to Ms Musayeva, the salaries in the UP did not correspond to the level of the big media brand and were below the market average. After the payback of the media, salaries were raised. After the arrival of a new owner and the merger of publications, it will be possible to debug business processes. Before that, there were no stable business processes in the UP. The Ukrainska Pravda brand can bring more benefits.

Fiala promised that “similar to the “NV” project, he will continue the practice of non-interference of the owner in the editorial policy of the UP”. A corresponding document will be drawn up about this and it will be published on the company’s website.

Tomas Fiala has been investing in Ukrainian media for a long time. For example, he is a co-owner of the well-known social and political publication “NV”, which includes a print publication, an online version and radio. The “NV” editorial staff will continue to work independently of the UP.

By the number of visits per month, Ukrainska Pravda is on 4th place in Ukraine in the “news and media” following the next websites:, and “Observer” as of October 2021.

Flyer One Ventures managing partner Vitaliy Laptenok estimates the value of Ukrainska Pravda media at $ 1.7-2 million.

Recently, it also became known that Dragon Capital acquired a controlling stake in the management company Treeum, which includes the media and

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