UkraineInvest has created a portfolio of 11 projects worth over $2B

UkraineInvest has created a portfolio of 11 projects worth over $2B

Despite Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine, the UkraineInvest team created an investment portfolio with 11 projects worth over $2B

During the event "REBUILDING UKRAINE WITH THE PRIVATE SECTOR: International Investment Fair", 11 investment projects with a high degree of readiness in the fields of agro-processing, logistics, and production of building materials were presented. These industries are a priority for the reconstruction of the country in the post-war period and are also of great interest to the international investment community. The total cost of the presented projects is more than $2 billion.

The speakers of the event were John W.H. Denton, Secretary General, International Chamber of Commerce and other high officials, David Arakhamia, Member of the Parliament of Ukraine, Chairman, "Servant of the People" Party Parliamentary Faction, Rostyslav Shurma, Deputy Head, Office of the President of Ukraine, Oleh Nemchinov, Minister, Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Halyna Yanchenko, Member of the Parliament of Ukraine, Head of the Temporary Special Commission of the Verkhovna Rada on Protection of Investors' Rights.

Among the event audience were also representatives of 15 international investment funds, whose total investment portfolio is more than $520 billion.

Thanks to the interactivity of the forum, more than 100 investors received answers to questions during the event regarding projects and business prospects in Ukraine.

The purpose of the event was to draw the attention of the world business community to investment projects and opportunities for private sector participation in the reconstruction of Ukraine.

The forum is organized by the Ukrainian government investment promotion office UkraineInvest in partnership with the ICC and with the informational support of ACC, EBA, EUEO, UVCA, USUBC, Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs, CIPE Ukraine, National Investment Council of Ukraine, Canada-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce, The Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce Industry, Enterprise Greece Invest & Trade, Investment Monitor.

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