Ukrainian Berry Guild Ltd to invest UAH 30mln into nursery garden

Ukrainian Berry Guild Ltd to invest UAH 30mln into nursery garden

Producer of berries will make the nursery garden in Kyiv region

Ukrainian Berry Guild LLC, which is a member of the Agrovesna-2011 berry cooperative, is about to launch the first stage of a nursery garden worth UAH 30mln (USD 1.1mln) in the Makarov district of Kyiv region.  The orchard construction is scheduled to be ready by the end of this year.

The nursery garden is designed for reproduction, completion of growing and subsequent sale of rootstocks and seedlings of the main berry crops: strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, as well as blackberries.

The company started the project in March this year, told Vadim Skorokhod, the owner of the company.

According to the owner of the company, the company puts its efforts to obtain licenses for the possibility to grow and distribute of the high-quality planting material of berry crops of foreign selections.

Ukrainian Berry Guild is carrying talks with American and European breeding stock companies.

Ukrainian Berry Guild has a mission of providing Ukrainian producers with quality and licensed planting of breeding stocks of the most famous and productive varieties of berry crops. It will allow domestic producers to certify their products according to European standards and win exports, believes Vadim Skorokhod.

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