Ukrainian Branto start-up started a campaign on Indiegogo

Ukrainian Branto start-up started a campaign on Indiegogo

Project team is planning to attract $50 thous

Ukrainian Branto start-up started a crowdfunding campaign on the Indiegogo platform. Project wants to attract $50 thous on production of the first lot of the device. The campaign started on 20th of July, and at the moment it managed to raise more than $12.6 thous.

Branto is a smart house of the future. Globe-shaped device, developed in stylish and elegant design is able to control the smart house system. It has a built-in 360-degree camera and speaker for security and telepresence, in addition to being able to operate gadgets over Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, ZigBee, and infrared. Also Branto provides security, by reporting if there were any suspicious noises or activity in the house.  

You can control the device by using the smartphone, as the software for it is available both on iOS and Android platforms.

Currently the team of the project consists of 20 people, without including outsourcers and interns. “Branto team is the team of professionals, which are connected by one goal. It appeared to be pretty easy to draw the team together around the project” – tells the co-founder and CEO of the company Joseph Mets.  “When guys entered the atmosphere of working with the product for the global market, they became absorbed with it and started to work full-hearted”.

The founders of the project consider Branto as the first stage at the process of creation of the fully-featured house robot. “We are designing Branto as a self-learning device” – comments Nikolay Bogun, co-founder and STE of the project. “Build-in camera and microphones open the potential to detect noises and image data. In the future we want to give people the opportunity to control smart house intuitively or even leave it without managing”.

If the campaign will be a success, backers are going to receive their devices in March, 2016.


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