Ukrainian burger chain “Yudgin Burger” sold a stake to a group of investors

Ukrainian burger chain “Yudgin Burger” sold a stake to a group of investors

Yudgin Burger company valuation is estimated at $ 4 million

The company did not disclose the size of the investment and other details of the transaction. Investments are planned to be spent on modernization of the operating structure and activities of the entire network, IT-completion of existing online systems and services and on large-scale advertising campaign to increase brand awareness.

Yudgin Burger is a fast-growing Ukrainian burger restaurant chain founded by Yevgeny Chernyshenko. The first restaurant was opened on May 29, 2019. Despite the pandemic in the restaurant business, the chain did not stop developing, and in just a year the chain grew from 2 to 9 restaurants and 2 more are under construction. Thereby, successfully occupying almost all the most popular places in Kyiv’s malls and street locations during the crisis.

The key investor in the deal was Nazariy Kurochko, a serial entrepreneur, founder and co-owner of the GIGAGROUP group of companies.

The company currently employs 120 people and is managed by a large central office in Kiev. Seven restaurants are operated by their own chain, and two more are franchised. For six months, on these two test franchises, the management company tested the scaling model, systematized the interaction of the franchise network, standardized hundreds of processes and now is preparing to actively enter other regions of Ukraine.

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