Ukrainian business is experiencing a critical shortage of capital during the war

Ukrainian business is experiencing a critical shortage of capital during the war

Infographics: “Research of the business trends in Ukraine” on the initiative of the EU, KSE, Diya.Business, Advanter Group, Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Digital Development of Ukraine

A survey of business owners and CEOs among 562 respondents showed that one of the problems of business functioning in Ukraine during war is the shortage of capital and business financing; 31.6% of respondents indicate this obstacle as one of the main ones.

Other significant problems of business in Ukraine today are: the unpredictability of the development of the situation in Ukraine and on the domestic market, the lack of a sufficient number of solvent clients in the domestic market, unpredictable government actions that can worsen the state of business and the lack of a sufficient number of qualified workers.

Of course, Ukrainian business suffered significantly due to the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, financial damage is estimated from $10 thousand to $10 million, only 11.5% of companies did not experience losses for their business due to the war.

The sustainability of business in Ukraine is critical, as evidenced by the fact that 87% of entrepreneurs do not have financial reserves or their amount will only last up to 3 months of activity.

The need for additional financial resources to implement a business development strategy over 3 years averages about $1 million per company.

About 32% of companies in 2024 do not plan to develop investments at all, and 10% plan to invest in new areas of activity.

81% of respondents do not believe in the possibility of attracting foreign investment in business at this time.

The most important task of the economic bloc of power in the context of stimulating investment is to improve access to credit resources and reduce their cost, as stated by 44% of respondents.

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