Ukrainian game developer Nravo raised $200K from Digital Future

Ukrainian game developer Nravo raised $200K from Digital Future

Game studio Nravo has picked up $200 000 in funding from Ukrainian venture fun Digital Future

Nravo - a game studio based in Lviv (Lvov) in Western Ukraine, has obtained $200 000 from investment company Digital Future, reports Ukrainian tech blog AIN.UA. The funding will be directed towards the development and marketing of new games that Nravo is creating.

According to the terms of the deal, Digital Future will not receive equity in Nravo, but rather a percentage of the profits that these projects generate. There may be additional funding from Digital Future in projects developed by the game studio, but potential amounts have not been announced.

Nravo also anticipates benefitting from the firm’s expertise as it markets its games towards the West. “There are those who believe that the development of games is too risky of a business, but we see great opportunities there. Digital Future is acquainted with almost all Ukrainian game studios and we like the approach that Nravo takes to developing projects. Our partners have a good vision of the development of the gaming industry, which allows them to create projects that find an exceptional response from the audience,” said Digital Future CEO and founder Oleksii Vitchenko.

For Digital Future, which had not previously invested in the gaming industry, the investment in Nravo represents a move to broaden their presence in the mobile sector.

Created in September 2014, Digital Future defines itself as an investment company  which analyzes the Ukrainian startup landscape, selects new projects, and aims to take them to the global market. Digital Future invests in startups at various stages of development, offering $25,000 and upwards in exchange for a 10-15% stake.

In November, the company invested $50,000 in Jeapie, a mobile notification-delivery service aiming to increase the quality of interactions with clients or co-workers through the introduction of “smart” push notifications.

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