Ukrainian Noosphere Ventures  acquires Irish based

Ukrainian Noosphere Ventures acquires Irish based

VC fund Noosphere Ventures has completed the acquisition of the popular service of anonymous questions and answers

The venture capital fund did not disclose the deal value. Although back in 2014, was price tagged by market analyst at $ 100mln. Noosphere Ventures  explained their choice by the growing number of user-client base of the service and intensifying rate of user involvement on the global market, as well as high security profile of the anonymous Q&A platform. The strategic collaboration with The Diana Award contributed to strategic success. In 2010, Illya and Max Terebins launched and founded the platform. In four years, InterActiveCorp (IAC) became new shareholders. The number of employees stands at 80. Headquarters are based in Ireland. As of present, the number of users reached 150mln people from around 150 countries.

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