Ukrainian startup Awesomic has raised $800k for international expansion

Ukrainian startup Awesomic has raised $800k for international expansion

Matching companies with talent to accomplish design tasks in 24 hours, Awesome now plans to take the show on the road.

Ukrainian startup Awesomic has raised $800,000 in fresh funding, adding on to a $2 million seed round from late 2021. The company plans to use the capital to expand its geographic footprint and overcome the effects of the war in Ukraine. This news is shared by

“As an investor, we are proud of Awesomic,” commented Kiyv / London-based Flyer One Ventures’ GP Vital Laptenok. “Its team has shown resilience and dedication at such a tough time — amid the war and economic turbulence.”

The investment was provided by Pioneer Fund, Flyer One Ventures, and Red Rooster Ventures, with Y Combinator managing director Michael Seibel, and Y Combinator group partner Jared Friedman participating alongside other undisclosed, yet existing, backers.

The business of design is so important to the bottom line of a business that some may spend hours, days, and sometimes weeks searching through available resources to find the right designer who can realize the vision they are hoping for.

A startup solves one of the main problems – the time it takes to negotiate a price. It takes time for both parties to the transaction. This takes time away from both parties to the transaction.

Aiming to harness artificial intelligence in design, Ukrainian startup Awesomic promises to provide customers with a “perfect match” seemingly magically; no interviews, for a fixed price, and within less than 24 hours of posting an available job.

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