“Ukrgazprombank” has been sold to the Primestar Energy company

“Ukrgazprombank” has been sold to the Primestar Energy company

It became known, that full share package of the insolvent “Ukrgazprombank” was acquired by Primestar Energy

According to “Ukrgazprombank”, the deal was closed on August 7th, 2015. The announcement says, that Deposit Insurance Fund invted a tender among the experienced investors, on which was selected a winner, who took on the task of removing the  insolvent “Ukrgazprombank” out of the market.

The winner of tender was Primestar Energy company, which offered “selling of the insolvent bank to the investor”, as one of the variants of removing the bank from the market.

The official representative of the Deposit Insurance Fund signed an agreement of sale and purchase of 100% of “Ukrgazprombank” shares. Primestar Energy, which belongs to the group of Primestar companies, is specified in the contract as a purchaser.

The major activity areas of the group of Primestar companies are management of business entity corporative rights and also logistic support. Particularly, Primestar is engaged in distribution of coal, oil, steal, feedstock for electrical stations  and similar feedstock products.

It bears reminding that  on April 7th of the present year, “Ukrgazprombank” was declared as insolvent by the NBU.


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