US allocates new $1.85 billion military aid package to Ukraine

US allocates new $1.85 billion military aid package to Ukraine

The new US military aid package to Ukraine in the amount of US$1.85 billion includes the provision of one battery of the Patriot anti-aircraft missile system with ammunition

Within the limits of the US$1 billion allocated by the decree of US President Joe Biden, the following will be provided in addition to the Patriot air defence systems: ammunition for HIMARS; 500 high-precision 155-mm artillery shells; 10 120-mm mortars and 10,000 shells for them; 10 each of 60 and 82-mm mortars; 37 mine-resistant Cougar vehicles; 120 HMMWV armoured vehicles; six armoured trucks; HARM missiles; high-precision aviation weapons; more than 2,700 grenade launchers and small arms; Claymore anti-personnel mines; explosive munitions; night vision devices and sights; tactical secure communication means; and body armour.

Within the additional US$850 million allocated by the Pentagon as part of the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative, the following will be provided: 45,000 152-mm artillery shells; 20,000 122-mm artillery shells; 50,000 122-mm shells for the Grad multiple-launch rocket systems; 100,000 125-mm tank shells; SATCOM satellite communication terminals; as well as funding for training and equipment maintenance.

Earlier, on Wednesday 21 December, Anthony Blinken, the US Secretary of State, officially announced a new package of military aid for Ukraine in the amount of US$1.85 billion, which includes the transfer of the Patriot air defence system for the first time ever.

Total US military aid to Ukraine has reached $21.9 billion since the beginning of the Biden administration.

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