US Senate passes $1.7 tln budget 2023 with almost $45 bln for Ukraine

US Senate passes $1.7 tln budget 2023 with almost $45 bln for Ukraine

The U.S. Senate on Thursday voted on a $1.7 trillion budget proposal for 2023, which includes about $45 billion in another aid to Ukraine

"The vote was 68-29 on sweeping legislation that would keep the government funded through next fall. (...) The bill also includes nearly $45 billion in aid to Ukraine: for weapons and in economic and humanitarian aid," the channel said.

Now the bill will be submitted to the U.S. House of Representatives for approval, and then U.S. President Joe Biden will have to sign it.

Congress needs to pass a bill through both houses this week to avoid suspending the government, which has funding approved through December 23.

The White House has already said they support the bill and called on Congress to pass it as soon as possible.

The bill includes $858 billion in defense spending and $773 billion in non-defense spending, The Wall Street Journal said.

The legislators' defense budget is 10% higher than this year and exceeds the amount requested by U.S. President Joe Biden by $45 billion. The non-defense part of the budget is 6% higher than this fiscal year.

The agreed bill includes, in particular, the allocation of an additional $44.9 billion to support Ukraine and U.S. NATO partners, as well as $40.6 billion to combat the consequences of natural disasters.

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