First in Ukraine solar battery producing plant is going to be built in Kirovograd oblast

First in Ukraine solar battery producing plant is going to be built in Kirovograd oblast

The value of the project is 7 mln UAH

According to Sergey Kaminskiy, who is one of initiators and developers of the project and the director of innovation implementation department of LLC “PromKonversiya”, the construction of two projects will be managed by “Chistiye Energrticheskiye Tekhnologii” enterprise, which was established by investors from Alexandria.

The premises for the plant have already been bought, and they are located in Marta-Ivanovka region. Speaking about equipment, the company conceders to partly buy, partly produce it, by using the domestic materials and components. It is planned to finish primary works and installation, and produce the first product till the end of the month.   

Currently, there are  approximately 10 enterprises, engaged in production of ecologically clean solar equipment. This plant will be the first one of its kind in Ukraine. This plant will produce the solar batteries of the third-generation, which are based on the works of Ukrainian scientists for last decades, among which there are teachers and students of Alexandria`s JAS filial branch. In battery production will be used only organic materials.

Although, organic batteries come short of efficiency to silicon ones, but the cost of organics will be lower than the cost of other analogues and is equal to $150. Currently the average value of the solar battery varies from $1 to $1,5 thous. Also organic solar batteries have no utilization problems.

Investments in the new production will be equal to 7 mln UAH. The number of personnel won`t exceed 50 people. According to the calculations, during the first year of its being in operational state the enterprise is going to produce 40MW of organic solar batteries. There so many of those, who want to purchase this product, that there already is a queue for 4 years.

However, the construction of solar electrical station appeared to be not an easy task.  Sergey Kaminskiy explains that by trying to solve all the needed questions without undersets, initiators of the project felt the great strength of bureaucracy. The month of preparation stage was wasted on visitations to the lots of different instances, the major part of which even hasn`t had any connection to the electrical energy. Sergey Kaminskiy expects that they could avoid the local bureaucracy, if there will be the reliable support of the mayor of Alexandria.

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