Venture capital fund launched - Zeyshare Fund CEE

Venture capital fund launched - Zeyshare Fund CEE

Why to invest in Zeyshare Fund CEE?

We are happy to announce the launch of Zeyshare Fund CEE, a venture capital fund focused on supporting entrepreneurs in technology from Central & Eastern Europe and their innovative projects.

Zeyshare Ventures is one of the limited number of VC firms that charge a profit share (carry) ONLY if the hurdle rate of return is reached.

Zeyshare Fund CEE focus:

  • stages: early-stage start-ups - Seed & Series A rounds;
  • geographic: Central & Eastern Europe, with a particular focus in Romania;
  • investment size per company: up to €450,000;
  • sector: technology (with a strong interest in Software, Consumer internet & electronics, FinTech, Virtual & augmented reality, Internet-of-Things, Artificial Intelligence, 3D printing).

Investment strategy & expectations:

  • fund term: 9 yrs. (4 yrs. to invest capital & 5 yrs. for liquidity on deals);
  • investments in approx. 10 start-ups per year, up to €450,000;
  • 100% reinvestment of capital;
  • targets a 2x gross return, translating into a 14.87% IRR;
  • the expected distribution of outcomes is: 1/3 losses (with 0x returns), 1/3
  • money-back (with 1x returns), 1/3 successes (with 5x returns);
  • exit strategy: Initial Public Offering (IPO), Merger or Acquisition, Buy-back, Recapitalization.

For more investor relations or information, please contact us at: [email protected]

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