Over $300 million raised in 11 months of United24 plaftorm

Over $300 million raised in 11 months of United24 plaftorm

Over $300 million were raised all over the world using Ukraine's United24 state charity platform in 11 months of its operations

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said that over 11 months of United24's work, donors from more than 110 countries around the world have donated more than $300 million for Ukraine.

The Digital Ministry of Ukraine confirmed that in March they crossed the collection limit of $305 million. About 500 drones were also transferred to the front, and UAH 58.5 million was collected for kamikaze drones for power steering.

It is noted that part of the funds was used to purchase modern C-type resuscitation vehicles, external fixation and vacuum wound therapy devices, and generators.

Also, part of the money went to receive artificial lung ventilation devices for children, newborns and separately transport, X-ray units with a C-arch, ultrasound devices (portable and stationary), anesthesia and respiratory devices, rehabilitation equipment, operating tables (mobile and for general surgery) , chemical heaters.

Recall that the United24 fundraising platform was launched in May 2022.

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