VimesVC and InVenture Investment Group Present the First Issue of «Ukrainian Investment Brief» in London

VimesVC and InVenture Investment Group Present the First Issue of «Ukrainian Investment Brief» in London

Ukrainian Investment Brief aims to keep the British investors informed with timely, objective, accurate, and unbiased information about Ukrainian investment opportunities, facts and trends.

Ukrainian market is rapidly developing as the country prepares for full integration in the European Union. At this stage foreign investors anticipate not only expect high return on their investments but also prepare for certain challenges. The largest European country with progressive government, diversified economy and enormous industrial potential – it’s only a matter of time for Ukraine to hit the top headlines for world investors.

Even if you are not planning to invest in Ukraine at the moment, current global economic signals and investment opportunities should not be ignored.

We proudly announce the launch of Ukrainian Investment Brief (UIB) on the 1st October 2015 in London. UIB is a monthly subscription-based bulletin containing facts, statistics, analytics, and some of the newest investment opportunities in Ukraine.  

Who Should be Interested in UIB?

Ukrainian Investment Brief has been established to provide institutional and corporate investors with access to the up-to-date information, statistics, analytics, as well as growing pipeline of business opportunities in Ukraine. The publication is essential for institutional, private and corporate investors, private equity fund managers, and other investment professionals. UIB presents concise, reliable, and independent information which is crucial to make accurate and informed business decisions while considering investment opportunities or developing the business in Ukraine.

"The launch of Ukrainian Investment Brief is a vitally important step to attract foreign investors who are ready to explore Ukrainian investment market but require high-quality informational support and access to up-to-date knowledge base,” said Dmitry Gilgur, director of VimesVC. “Ukrainian Investment Brief will provide investors with first-hand, independent and ingenuous information. Ukrainian Investment Brief is a completely independent publication and we are especially thankful to InVenture Investment Group for their support.”

"We believe that Ukrainian Investment Brief will be of great interest to British corporate investors as it becomes an effective tool to raise capital for the newest projects in the market,” said Alexey Oleynikov, the managing partner at InVenture Investment Group, “Investment interest in Ukraine has been heating up. We expect that Ukrainian Investment Brief will improve investment attractiveness of Ukraine by keeping foreign investors fully informed and highlighting ample investment opportunities. We would also like to note that since 2012 InVenture Investment Group publishes «Investment Digest InVenture» which has been very popular among investment professionals in CIS countries since 2012. Today this publication is distributed to more than 6000 regular subscribers. We believe that Ukrainian Investment Brief will quickly establish itself as an effective tool to present investment opportunities in Ukraine on a global scale.”


October 1, 2015. Chamber of Commerce and Industry, 33 Queen Street. EC4R 1AP, London

18:45 – Registration
19:15 – Presentation of the first issue of Ukrainian Investment Brief (UIB).
20:00  - Networking, snacks and drinks

To subscribe to UIB please email [email protected] and include your name, company and position held. Please note that you need to register in order to attend this event.    

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