Which Ukrainian industrial enterprises were destroyed by Russia during the war

Which Ukrainian industrial enterprises were destroyed by Russia during the war

In addition to the destruction of military and civilian infrastructure, as well as residential buildings, Russia has humiliated a number of large industrial enterprises. The list of affected ...

Russia has inflicted irreparable damage to the Ukrainian economy and directly to private investors by destroying a number of large operating industrial enterprises in Ukraine, some of which are owned by non-residents. It should be noted that most of the affected enterprises do not produce any military or dual-use products.

Metallurgical plant "Azovstal"

Location: Donetsk region, Mariupol

Estimated value: $1,444 million

The Azovstal plant in Mariupol was completely destroyed by enemy shelling.

"Nothing works. Everything is worth it. You cant run it all. Azovstal was bombed. Fully. There were a lot of air raids on Azovstal, - said the deputy mayor of the city Sergey Orlov.


MK "Azovstal" is one of the leaders in Ukrainian metallurgy, a highly efficient full-cycle metallurgical enterprise - from the production of coke and sinter, to steel smelting and the production of high-quality flat-rolled products, sectional and shaped profiles. The enterprise is part of the Metallurgical Division of Metinvest Group. In the ferrous metallurgy of Ukraine, the share of Mariupol iron and steel works MMK Ilyich and Azovstal was 30%. To date, these capacities have been destroyed.

PJSC "Avdiivka Coke Plant"

Location: Donetsk region, Avdiivka

Estimated cost: $343 million

On March 13, 2022, five shells of the Grad multiple launch rocket system fell on the territory of the Avdiivka Coke Plant. Several production shops and a pipeline were destroyed. The heating supply to Avdiivka was stopped.

On April 24, the Russian occupiers again fired at Avdeevka Coke and Chemical Plant PJSC, the third battery of the first coke shop, the thermal power plant and the capture shop were damaged due to the shelling. On May 4 and 8, 2022, the Avdiivka Coke Plant once again came under mortar fire.

Which Ukrainian industrial enterprises were destroyed by Russia during the warWhich Ukrainian industrial enterprises were destroyed by Russia during the war

Avdiivka Coke Plant is the largest manufacturer of coke products for metallurgy in Ukraine and Europe, which supplies products to Ukrainian enterprises and also exports abroad. AKHZ produces 30 types of coke and chemical products, the main of which is blast-furnace coke. The enterprise is part of the Metallurgical Division of Metinvest Group.

PJSC "Mariupol Ilyich Iron and Steel Works"

Location: Donetsk region, Mariupol

Estimated cost: $1,893 million

Every day, Russian troops destroy the Ilyich Iron and Steel Works in Mariupol, the largest enterprise in the Donetsk region, which employs tens of thousands of people, with massive shelling.

Mariupol Iron and Steel Works named after Ilyich produces hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel sheets of a wide range, including for shipbuilding, oil pipelines, drilling, gas and water pipes. The plant is the only enterprise in Ukraine that produces galvanized sheet and automobile cylinders for liquefied gases. The plant is part of the Metinvest mining and metallurgical group of Rinat Akhmetov and Vadim Novinsky.

Plant "Antonov"

Location: Kyiv

Estimated cost: $385 million

On March 14, 2022, in Kyiv, Russian troops shelled the Antonov plant. A total of three missiles were fired. Rescuers worked at the plant - they put out the fire and sorted out the rubble after the explosions.

Serial plant "Antonov" is a state enterprise of the aviation industry of Ukraine, located in Kyiv. At the moment it is attached to ASTC im. O. K. Antonov and renamed the Branch of the State Enterprise ASTC named after. O. K. Antonova - serial plant "ANTONOV". Since 2010, Antonov has produced only 12 aircraft, and since 2014, only two units, which were actually assembled in 2014.

Coca Cola Factory

Location: Kyiv, Velyka Dymerka, Brovarsky district, Kyiv region

Estimated cost: $150 million

On March 9, 2022, a beverage factory of the Coca-Cola Beverages Ukraine company came under enemy fire.

As a result of the shelling, a cogeneration plant was damaged - a set of equipment operating according to the method of combined production of electrical and thermal energy or converting the waste energy potential of technological processes into electrical and thermal energy.

It is not known about the victims, the plant employees were evacuated on the first day of the war.

Which Ukrainian industrial enterprises were destroyed by Russia during the war

In Ukraine, Coca-Cola was one of the first international companies that showed interest in working on the local market. The company has been investing in the economy of our country since 1992. In 1998, the new plant of the Coca-Cola Beverages Ukraine company started operating at full capacity. Production includes both products of The Coca-Cola Company brands (Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite), and brands on the Ukrainian market (Botaniq, Dobry), as well as brands of other foreign companies (Nestea).

Kremenchug oil refinery "Ukrtatnafta"

Location: Poltava region, Kremenchug

Estimated cost: $374 million

On April 2, 2022, Russian troops destroyed the plant during the Russian-Ukrainian war. The infrastructure of the enterprise was destroyed, including the depots of fuel and lubricants. The plant is not working. Rescuers spent 38 hours extinguishing the fire. Fortunately, there is no ecological catastrophe, the State Emergency Service controls the situation. On May 12, 2022, Russian troops again launched 4 missile attacks on the Kremenchug oil refinery.

Which Ukrainian industrial enterprises were destroyed by Russia during the war

Kremenchug Oil Refinery Refinery is the largest enterprise for the production of petroleum products in Ukraine. Until April 2, 2022, it was the only operating oil refinery in Ukraine, operating at about 16% of its design capacity, processing about 3 million tons of oil per year.

Odessa Oil Refinery

Location: Odessa

Estimated cost: $171 million

On April 4, 2022, Russian military personnel launched rocket attacks on the territory of the Odessa oil refinery and oil storage facilities in Odessa. As a result of the strike, fuel tanks were destroyed, utility buildings and gas communications were damaged. One citizen was hospitalized with injuries, there is no information about the dead.

 Which Ukrainian industrial enterprises were destroyed by Russia during the war

Odessa Oil Refinery - formerly the fourth largest Ukrainian oil refinery. In 2013, 99.6% of the shares of Odessa Oil Refinery PJSC were sold by the Russian Lukoil to the Ukrainian energy holding VETEK (Eastern European Fuel and Energy Company) by Sergey Kurchenko for $200 million. Since 2015, the company has been in a state of bankruptcy.

Lisichansk Oil Refinery - LINIK

Location: Luhansk region, Lisichansk

Estimated cost: $116 million

On March 22, the aviation of the Russian troops attacked the oil refinery. As a result of the shelling of the Lisichansk refinery by the Russian invaders, a fire broke out, which was extinguished by the employees of the State Emergency Service. On May 8, 2022, as a result of regular shelling at the Lisichansk oil refinery, an installation for obtaining elemental sulfur and a low oil pipeline of a gasoline mixing station caught fire, the fire area was 360 square meters.

Which Ukrainian industrial enterprises were destroyed by Russia during the war

Lisichansk Oil Refinery (CJSC "LINIK") is the second largest oil refinery in Ukraine. The Lisichansk Oil Refinery is owned by the Russian state company Rosneft through the Cypriot Rosneft SH Investments Limited (controls 95.21% of the shares). The plant is capable of processing 16 million tons of oil annually. The company was unprofitable until 2012, when it was decided to close it "for repairs". Since then, he has not resumed work.

PJSC "Severodonetsk Association Azot"

Location: Lugansk region, Severodonetsk

On March 1, 2022, due to the outbreak of hostilities, all production at the plant was completely stopped: all key workshops were stopped, the plant stopped producing fertilizers. Throughout May 2022, Russian troops repeatedly shelled the Azot plant, damaging many buildings and structures.

PJSC "Severodonetsk Association Azot" is a Ukrainian enterprise of the chemical industry, since 2011 it has been part of the chemical holding "Ostchem Holding". The main activity of the enterprise is the production of mineral nitrogen fertilizers.

Paint and varnish factory POLYSAN

Location: Sumy

On March 18, as a result of shelling, a one-story warehouse building with paint and varnish products on an area of more than 6,000 sq.m caught fire.

Which Ukrainian industrial enterprises were destroyed by Russia during the war

PP POLYSAN LLC is one of the leading manufacturers of paints and varnishes on the Ukrainian market, which has been operating since 2003. The company produces a wide range of alkyd and water-dispersion paints under the Maxima, Farbex, Delfi and DekART trademarks.

Knauf Building Mixes Plant / LLC "Knauf Gypsum Donbass"

Location: Donetsk region, Bakhmut district, Soledar

Estimated value: $75 million

On May 17, 2022, Russian troops fired on the Knauf plant in Bakhmut, Donetsk region, the plant was engulfed in fire.

This plant was considered one of the most successful projects to attract foreign investment in the Donetsk region. The authorities of Bakhmut and the population of the city were very proud of him.

LLC "Knauf Gips Donbass" is part of the group of enterprises of the German corporation Knauf Gips KG and is engaged in the extraction and processing of gypsum stone for the production of drywall and building mixtures. In the Donbass, the enterprise has a quarry, a dry gypsum mix shop, a gypsum board plant, a gypsum mix plant, and a gypsum tongue-and-groove board plant.

Ukrainian energy machines (Turboatom)

Location: Kharkov

Estimated cost: $417 million

On March 31, 2022, the Ukrainian Energy Machines enterprise (former Turboatom) came under massive shelling by Russian invaders. As a result of the shelling, hulls and equipment were damaged, losses have not yet been calculated, and there are no casualties or casualties.

Joint Stock Company "Ukrainian Energy Machines", until recently AT "Turboatom", and in Soviet times Kharkov Turbine Generator Plant, Kharkov Turbine Plant - Ukrainian enterprise specializing in the production of steam turbines for thermal power plants (TPPs), nuclear power plants (NPPs) and combined heat and power plants (CHP); hydraulic turbines for hydroelectric power plants (HPP) and pumped storage power plants (PSPP); gas turbines and combined cycle plants (CCGT) for thermal power plants and other power equipment.

Brick factory "Agrostroy"

Location: Malaya Tokmachka, Orekhovsky district, Zaporozhye region

The military of the Russian Federation attacked a brick factory in Malaya Tokmachka with helicopters (MI-24 pairs).

Malotokmachansky brick factory LLC "Agrostroy, LTD" is located on the site of the former colony of German Mennonites, who settled here by order of the Great Empress Catherine II. The Mennonites were famous for their art of finding raw materials and making bricks from them. It was they who brought to the modern territory of Ukraine the art of burning bricks (in German “zeigel”, in Ukrainian “ceglu”) in ring kilns, using the local type of fuel — straw. The Malotokmachansky brick factory produces solid ordinary bricks of the M100 brand by the method of plastic formation. The design capacity of the plant is 3.5 million pieces per year.


Location: Sumy

Estimated cost: $73 million

On March 21, the territory of PJSC "Sumykhimprom" was shelled, as a result of the shelling, 1 tank with ammonia with a capacity of 50 tons was damaged. A slight ammonia leak was observed, the leak was localized - and the units of the State Emergency Service began to precipitate the ammonia cloud. After that, the employees of the enterprise began routine work to restore the technological process.

Which Ukrainian industrial enterprises were destroyed by Russia during the warWhich Ukrainian industrial enterprises were destroyed by Russia during the war

Sumykhimprom is a large Ukrainian chemical industry plant that produces mineral fertilizers, coagulants and cement additives, acids, titanium dioxide and pigments, and other types of chemical products. Included in the list of enterprises of strategic importance for the economy and security of Ukraine.

PJSC "Mondelis Ukraine"

Location: Trostyanets, Sumy region

Estimated cost: $104 million

At the chocolate factory "Mondelis Ukraine" the equipment was destroyed and looted by the invaders, the administrative building was destroyed.

Mondelēz Ukraine is part of the Mondelēz International group of companies, the worlds largest manufacturer of chocolate products, biscuits and sweets, as well as the worlds second largest manufacturer of chewing gum. Mondelis Ukraine sells its products under the following brands: Vedmedic Barney, Korona, Milka, TUC, Picnic and others.

Gostomel glass factory "Vetropack"

Location: Malaya Tokmachka, Orekhovsky district, Zaporozhye region

Estimated cost: $92 million

As a result of the shelling in Gostomel, the buildings of the leading Ukrainian enterprise for the manufacture and sale of glass containers, PJSC Vetropack Gostomel Glassworks, were destroyed.


PJSC "Vetropack Gostomel Glassworks" is one of the largest manufacturers of glass containers for food, beverages and alcoholic products in Ukraine. The history of the plant begins in 1912. Since 2006, the plant has been owned by the Vetropack holding headquartered in Bülach, Switzerland. The plant was one of the largest budget-forming enterprises of Gostomel, it employed more than 800 people.

SE NPKG "Zorya" - "Mashproekt"

Location: Nikolaev

Estimated cost: $137 million

On March 13, 2022, Russian troops attacked the Zorya-Mashproekt plant, which was seriously damaged as a result.

"In the morning they bombed the Zorya, it seems, with planes on the material gates, now we are investigating the circumstances," said Vitaly Kim, head of the Nikolaev Regional Military District.

The research and production complex for gas turbine construction "Zarya" - "Mashproekt" in Nikolaev was founded in 1946. Recently, the plant has been producing various equipment designed for ships of various classes. Since 2019, there have been many orders for the Indian Navy.

Rubezhnoye Cardboard and Container Plant

Location: Rubizhne, Lugansk region

Estimated cost: $82 million

On March 10, due to the shelling of Russian troops, a fire broke out at the Rubezhansky cardboard and packaging plant. The shells hit the paper machine No. 3 and the corrugation plant, the warehouses of raw materials and finished products were destroyed.

Rubezhnoye Cardboard and Container Plant specializes in the production of components for corrugated cardboard and its processing into corrugated packaging (including boxes for heavy loads), as well as baseboard for drywall.

Dzerzhinsky phenol plant / KHP "Phenol plant" (LLC NPO "Inkor and K" KHP Phenol plant)
Location: Donetsk region, Toretsky district, New York

On April 4, 2022, 7 hits of Russian troops in the phenol plant were recorded during which the following were damaged: 3 distillation columns; 3 collectors of marketable products, interfloor ceilings of the oil distillation facility, material pipelines, a wagon, a tank and metal structures

The Phenolic Plant is the only enterprise in the CIS with centralized processing of phenol, naphthalene, pyridine raw materials as by-products of high-temperature coking of coal.

Door factory "Papa Carlo"

Location: Dergachi, Kharkiv region

On March 13, 2022, as a result of the dropping of air bombs by the Russian army, the well-known door factory of Papa Carlo TM was damaged.


Location: Trostyanets, Sumy region

As a result of the shelling of artillery on the territory of the former plant Elektrobytpribor, three people were killed, two more people were injured.

The plant "Electrobytpribor" is engaged in the production of switches and disconnectors designed to conduct currents from 630 to 5000 A and voltages up to 1200 V, used in agriculture, engineering, mining, metallurgical, chemical industries, as well as in maritime transport. The plant also manufactures metal (dies, molds, casting molds, etc.) and plastic products and provides services for heat treatment of parts. The plant operates a galvanizing shop with a design capacity of up to 300 tons per year.

Izovat / Izovat

Location: Zhitomir

On March 8, 2022, Russian troops launched a missile attack on the Izovat mineral wool plant. The Russian missiles did not destroy the plant, the warehouses were hit, but this can be corrected. According to one of the owners of the plant, the business was completely stopped. It will take at least a month to start the business after winning, as it will be difficult to get people together.

Zhytomyr plant of thermal insulation materials "Izovat" (LLC "OBIO") produces basalt thermal insulation (insulation) IZOVAT - these are mineral wool boards that are produced on a modern high-tech production line designed and assembled by the Italian company Gamma Meccanica. LLC "OBIO" was established in 2004, the main activity is the production of non-metallic mineral products.

Plant for the production of semi-finished products "Elika"

Location: Kotlyarevo, Mykolaiv region

On March 11, 2022, after night shelling near Nikolaev, the building of the plant for the production of semi-finished products Elika caught fire. Enemy rockets flew into the production premises of the plant. On their own, under shelling, the plant workers and local residents were able to put out the burning plant.

The company "ELIKA" is the largest domestic manufacturer of high-quality frozen foods. In the companys assortment offer, there are many varieties of semi-finished meat products, which "Elika" is rightfully proud of. The production of semi-finished products "Elika" offers its customers elite khinkali, dumplings, pasties, stuffed peppers, cabbage rolls, pancakes and many more culinary masterpieces of frozen products.


Location: Luhansk region, Rubizhne

Russian troops dropped powerful air bombs on the Golden AGRO LLC enterprise. In addition to the capacities of the elevator complex, all agricultural

Popasnyansky car repair plant

Location: Popasna, Lugansk region

On March 2, 2022, Russian troops fired on the Popasnyansky car repair plant in the Luhansk region - RSA

Popasnyansky car repair plant is a young railway enterprise located in the city of Popasna, Luhansk region, which began its activities in December 2007. A full production cycle for the manufacture and repair of gondola cars has been mastered. Currently, the plant specializes in the overhaul, current and depot repairs of freight cars.

HTZ (Kharkiv Tractor Plant)

Location: Kharkov

Estimated cost: $41 million

A shell of Russian troops fell on KhTZ, a fire broke out at the plant.

Kharkiv Tractor Plant (KhTZ) is the largest enterprise in Ukraine for the production of unified caterpillar and wheeled agricultural tractors. Since 2016, it has been part of DCH.

Zhulyansky machine-building plant "Vizar"

Location: Vishnevoe, Kyiv region

Estimated cost: $41 million

On April 14, 2022, a plant near Kyiv was partially destroyed as a result of nighttime Russian strikes. The workshop and office building of the Vizar plant were seriously damaged.

Which Ukrainian industrial enterprises were destroyed by Russia during the war

Zhulyansky machine-building plant "Vizar" is a state-owned enterprise of the military-industrial complex of Ukraine, which manufactures, repairs and maintains anti-aircraft missiles and components for anti-aircraft missile systems and aircraft.

SE "Lviv State Aviation Repair Plant" (LGARZ)

Location: Lviv

On March 18, Russian troops carried out airstrikes on the Lviv State Aviation Repair Plant. As a result of several rocket attacks, the factory buildings were destroyed.

The active work of the plant was stopped in advance, so there were no human casualties. Rescuers and relevant utilities worked at the scene.

According to the air command "West" of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, 6 cruise missiles, probably X-555, were fired from the Black Sea. Two missiles were destroyed by means of anti-aircraft missile forces.

Which Ukrainian industrial enterprises were destroyed by Russia during the war

Lviv State Aviation Repair Plant (LGARZ) is part of the state concern "Ukroboronprom". The company specializes in the repair of MiG-21, MiG-23, MiG-27 aircraft of all modifications and MiG-29.

Plant V.A. Malysheva

Location: Kharkov

Estimated cost: $101 million

On March 7, 2022, as a result of shelling by Russian enemy forces, the industrial zone of the state enterprise "Plant named after V.A. Malyshev" was damaged. The territory of the enterprise suffered an artillery strike, as a result, the fence and the weight building were destroyed and damaged. The buildings of some workshops were also destroyed and received significant damage.

 Which Ukrainian industrial enterprises were destroyed by Russia during the war

Kharkov Plant of Transport Engineering named after V. A. Malyshev (ZTM, KhZTM; until 1922 - Kharkov Locomotive Plant; until 1939 - KhPZ named after the Comintern, until the 1960s - machine-building plant No. 183 and its branch plant No. 75) - plant transport engineering in Kharkov, producing engines, diesel locomotives and tanks.

Kharkov Armored Plant

Location: Kharkov

On March 7, Russian troops launched an airstrike and also fired at the workshops of the Kharkov Armored Plant from Grads. The company suffered significant damage. As a result of the shelling, a worker of the enterprise was injured, he was hospitalized.

Kharkiv Armored Plant is a state enterprise of the armored industry of Ukraine, which manufactures, repairs, maintains, re-equips and modernizes armored vehicles.

Kharkov Aviation Plant

Location: Kharkov

On March 1, the Kharkov Aviation Plant came under fire. Large-scale destruction was recorded in aviation production. According to preliminary information, there are dead and injured. However, their exact number is not reported.

Kharkiv State Aviation Production Enterprise is a Ukrainian enterprise of aviation engineering in the city of Kharkiv. It produced passenger, transport, military aircraft, later it was redesigned for cruise missiles. The history of the plant is rich in many aviation achievements.

Meat processing enterprise "Feraks"

Location: Gogolev, Kyiv region

As a result of an enemy shell hitting the Feraks enterprise, a fire broke out.

The meat processing enterprise "Feraks" was founded in 2011 and produces sausages, the production capacity of the enterprise is up to 35 tons per day. The company has installed new equipment from leading companies in Austria, Italy, Switzerland and Germany.

Zhytomyr Armored Plant

Location: Novoguyvinskoe village, Zhytomyr region

Estimated cost: $72 million

On March 4, Russian troops launched an airstrike on the Zhytomyr Armored Plant, injuring two people. The building of the enterprise is completely destroyed.

Zhytomyr Armored Plant is a state enterprise of the armored industry of Ukraine. The enterprise carried out diagnostics, repair, maintenance, re-equipment and modernization of Soviet-made tracked armored vehicles.

Stakhanov Ferroalloy Plant

Location: Stakhanov, Lugansk region

The Stakhanov ferroalloy plant was damaged as a result of artillery shelling by Russian troops.

Stakhanov Ferroalloy Plant is a ferrosilicon plant in Ukraine. Legally owned by the structures of the Privat group, nationalized by the authorities of uncontrolled territories, controlled by ZAO Vneshtorgservis (South Ossetia).

Enakievo Metallurgical Plant

Location: Enakievo, Donetsk region

Russian troops fired at the Yenakiyev metallurgical plant, as a result of which the power supply was disrupted. As a result of a power line break at the plant, the power substation on the territory of the Enakievsky Metallurgical Plant was de-energized. There was a threat to stop the blast furnace shop, converter shop, sinter shop.

Enakievo Metallurgical Plant (EMZ) is a full-cycle enterprise. He was part of Metinvest Holding. Control over the plant has been lost since March 2017. YeMZ produces square billets, rebar, wire rod, and long products. Legally owned by Metinvest Holding, nationalized by the authorities of uncontrolled territories, controlled by CJSC Vneshtorgservis (South Ossetia).

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