Winery Inkerman mulls acquisition of wine production

Winery Inkerman mulls acquisition of wine production

The Ukrainian viticulture major looks for options in Ukraine and Europe

Winery Inkerman is constantly looking for a wine production location in Ukraine and Europe, told Anna Gorkun the CEO of the Ukrainian viticulture major to portal. The company monitors the available prospects.

The CEO avoided to directly answer on whether Inkerman plans construction of its own production site. At this, Inkerman is set on spotting wineries that can fit for launching the branded production. The locations can also be from Moldova and the countries of the CEE region.

To note, Inkerman had three production sites in Crimea prior to its annexation by Russian Federation.  The factories were Inkerman Fine Winery, Kachinsky+, and the agro-enterprise of Chernomorets. The total area of the company’s vineyards amounted to 3,000ha at that time.

Later, the company decided to register its Trading House Inkerman LLC in the mainland Ukraine. As of present, TM Inkerman is bottled at the manufacturing facilities of OdessaVinProm and the house of vintage cognacs Tavria.

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