Winetime issued debut bonds in the amount of UAH 400 million

Winetime issued debut bonds in the amount of UAH 400 million

NCSM registered the debut issue of interest-bearing unsecured bonds of series "A" of TS Plus LLC (Kiev), a chain of Winetime gastromarkets controlled by PJSC Asnova Holding


The report of TS Plus LLC for 2022 and the information on the website indicate that it has three main areas: retail – a network of 35 Winetime gastromarkets with a total area of over 9 thousand square meters, developed since 2010. m in 15 regions and an online store, alcohol distribution in 9 regions and rental of own premises in Kyiv.

At the end of 2022, the company's revenue decreased by 8.6% - to UAH 1 billion 304.83 million, while net profit increased 5.6 times - to UAH 40.79 million.

The company notes that one of the most important problems facing the enterprise is the problem of financing business activities, which is planned to be solved by building an optimal structure of financing sources and finding ways to optimally attract capital. The company estimated the current liquidity deficit at the end of last year at UAH 83.71 million.

As of June 30 of this year, the final beneficiaries of TS Plus LLC were members of the supervisory board of Asnova Holding Oleg Barishevsky, Anatoly Strogan and Maxim Safonov - 20.7261% each.

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